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Securing State Recovery: Sustaining Momentum at Sea, Confronting Instability Land


For its third consecutive year, the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA) has acted as the Knowledge Partner for the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DP World, in organizing the 4th annual counter-piracy conference entitled “Securing State Recovery: Sustaining Momentum at Sea, Confronting Instability Land”, held on October 29-30, 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The 4th counter-piracy conference was concluded with great success; building on the accomplishments of the last three UAE Counter-Piracy Conferences, this meeting of public and private sector stakeholders has surpassed expectations in setting up a framework at a national, regional and international level to foster coordinated efforts to effectively combat maritime piracy at sea and regional threats on land. Memorable outcomes were achieved with all discussions steered towards constructive solutions that will have a profound effect on Africa and the world’s collective long-term future.

The UAE has portrayed its continued commitment and its ongoing efforts in relentlessly tackling the plague of piracy in the Horn of Africa and its recent shift to the Gulf of Guinea. In hopes of deriving lasting solutions and recommendations, it has been acknowledged that land-based remedies and achieving stability in this stressed region is a prerequisite to achieving long-term security for those plying the world’s trade lanes at sea.

In its capacity as Knowledge Partner, INEGMA was responsible for researching and proposing themes for the conference, nominating, allocating and communicating with speakers, in addition to developing a Briefing Book and Delegate Booklet for the conference. The Briefing Book is divided into four sections, with over a dozen chapters addressing maritime piracy from different dimensions, including industry, the humanitarian aspect and governmental and organizational responses and efforts in mitigating this phenomenon. In order to access the Briefing Book material in English and Arabic, please click download below.