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Dr. Mary Karol Cline

Dr. Mary Karol Cline

In Fall 2008 Dr. Mary Cline joined INEGMA as a Scholar in Residence where she focuses on global and regional economics and energy policy. She is now a Non-Resident Scholar and a Research Fellow at the Dubai School of Government. Cline completed her PhD at the University of California in 2000, while serving as a fellow and consultant to the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica. Her research on energy, privatization, and regional issues in the Russian Federation led her to Moscow from 1994 – 1997, where she designed and co-managed a long-range study on energy and the Russian transition, funded by the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, in San Diego, California, and the Center for the Comparative Study of the Transition in Frankfurt, Germany. She also served as a short term consultant to the Stiftung Wissenshaft und Politik in Germany and has held analytic positions at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Munich, Reuters in New York City, and the U.S. Department of State in Washington D.C.

While at the U.S. Department of State (2001 – 2007), Cline published a steady stream of analytic assessments distributed widely throughout the U.S. Government, including the White House, the National Security Council, U.S. Congress, and the Department of State. She was responsible for daily, as well as on-demand, briefings of high-level policy-makers dealing with Russia and Eurasia. She also served on the desk of Central Asian and Caucasus affairs, where she organized the U.S.-Russia Counterterrorism Working Group in Moscow under Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage.

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