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Syrian Aid Forum for Emergency and Reconstruction (SAFER 2016)

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For more information and for latest updates on (SAFER), please refer to the SEGMA website on the following link:

SAFER – the Syrian Aid Forum for Emergency and Reconstruction will take place on June 1-2, 2016 at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon, supported by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor, and the United Nations through the UNSCOL office in Beirut and the UN specialized agencies.

Gathering over 400 select participants including government delegations from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, United Nations agencies, the European Union (EU) and regional and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs and NGOs), SAFER is a landmark meeting which will address challenges in achieving operational and field requirements in providing for nearly five million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

Featuring high-level speaker panels and a series of carefully-crafted workshops, SAFER provides a highly focused environment for administrators and those on the frontline to interact with thought leaders, counterpart practitioners, and subject-matter experts to develop practical approaches for aid administration and management, educational and medical services provision for refugees.

Focusing on improving the outputs, SAFER will provide a wide-angle assessment of the latest humanitarian situation by bringing together the widest community of regional stakeholders and exploring how best to build on existing efforts by enhancing cooperation and collaboration through harnessing inclusiveness and participation. Moreover it will engage actors in discussions on the prospects and scenarios of Syria reconstruction, and allow for an objective debate on the repatriation/return of the Syrian refugees.

SAFER will host a focused exhibition showcasing select technologies, products, and services that can assist aid administrators and those on the frontline with Syrian refugees. For information on taking part in SAFER and supporting it as a sponsor or exhibitor you may contact Ms. Rasha Kayyal in Dubai (, tel: +97143998355-6, fax: +97143998357), or Miss Gabrielle Kiame in Beirut (, tel: +9611751811, Fax:+9611751810).

Registration to attend SAFER will be free but subject for approval by the organizing committee.

SAFER represents a valuable opportunity for regional and international organizations seeking to develop corporate social responsibility activities in support of efforts to assist Syrian refugees by providing an opportunity to meet key stakeholders and develop a deeper understanding of the crisis. SAFER will explore approaches with which the private sector can partner with the public sector and social sector to launch projects which generate jobs and livelihoods for thousands of families in commercially viable ways. As the repatriation of refugees and displaced persons into safe zones inside Syria draws closer, large-scale requirements are emerging for construction and provisions of habitable shelters for nearly ten millions displaced Syrians, where the private sector will play a critical role.

SAFER is organized by SEGMA, a Dubai-based company, in association with HBC, a Beirut-based public policy consultancy.