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  • Right to Intervene and Right to Protect: The Dilemmas of Humanitarianism in Syria

    Marika Alpini, Non-Resident Research Associate, INEGMA on November 23, 2011

    Despite more than 3,500 victims of the repression already and the recent outcome of the Libya case, the international community still looks very divided and cautious on the appropriate measures to be adopted in Syria.

  • Difficulties in Securing Libya's Future

    Ash Rossiter, Non-Resident Research Associate, INEGMA on November 17, 2011

    The declaration of Libya’s official liberation on October 23 was met with jubilation not only by the crowd that had gathered in Benghazi’s Kish Square, but also by Western politicians – especially those from Britain and France,

  • NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan: Paving the Way for a Secure Afghan State?

    Justin D. Wallestad, INEGMA Fall 2011 Intern & Dr. Theodore Karasik, Director of Research and Consultancy, INEGMA on November 15, 2011

    The geographical transition of responsibility from NATO-led security to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF)– beginning this last summer – were anything but envisioned by policymakers in Washington two years ago,

  • Violence Sweeps Region as Arab Spring Creates New Arab Order

    Riad Kahwaji, CEO, INEGMA on November 10, 2011

    Over ten months have passed since the so-called Arab Spring started in December 2010 and the wave of change sweeping the Arab world is far from over. Three regimes have thus far been toppled –

  • Drones: A New Chapter in Modern Warfare

    Justin D. Wallestad & Dr. Theodore Karasik on October 17, 2011

  • Standoff in the Mediterranean between Turkey, Cyprus and the EU: Impact on the GCC

    Emily Boulter, Non-Resident Analyst on October 06, 2011

    September 2011 was an eventful month for European-Turkish relations. Trouble first began when Cyprus’s President Demetris Christofias announced in early August that his government would reject threats emanating from Ankara about

  • Alawi and Maliki and Iraq's Immediate Future

    David Clark, Non-Resident Scholar, INEGMA on October 05, 2011

    Since the March 7, 2011 elections in which Alawi won the majority vote, with 91 seats to Maliki’s 89, the battle between Alawi and Maliki started in earnest. A long 11 months followed;the political ‘horse-trading’ seemed endless with

  • Empowered Warlords, Power-Brokers, and Tribal Elites: Privatized Security in Afghanistan

    Justin D. Wallestad, INEGMA Fall 2011 Intern & Dr. Theodore Karasik, Director of Research and Consultancy, INEGMA on September 22, 2011

    As fighting in Afghanistan escalated in 2010 with civilian casualties at record highs, achieving a peaceful resolution between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and the Taliban rose as a top priority of the political agenda.

  • How is Civil Society Doing in Libya?

    Marika Alpini, Non-Resident Analyst, INEGMA on September 20, 2011

    Since the civil uprising burst out in Benghazi in February 2011, a new Libyan civil society is trying to build from scratch its organizational structures, human capacities and programs,

  • Is Pakistan Likely to Follow the 'Arab Revolt'?

    Rabia Khalid Rathore, INEGMA Summer Intern 2011 & Dr. Theodore Karasik, Director, R&D, INEGMA on September 11, 2011

    Talks about a revolution and reformation in Pakistan surfaced months before the "Arab Revolt" especially after the Pakistan Floods 2010 as the effects of the devastating blow were being felt countrywide.