Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis

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About Us

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INEGMA is a strategy and security consultancy, research house, and leading conference organizer in defense, security, and risk areas, headquartered in Dubai and with offices in Washington D.C., Brussels, and Beirut. We bring together the reach of a strong international network with specialist expertise and proven competence across a spectrum of advisory areas including political security, risk mitigation, strategic communication and defense trade.

More About Us

Since our founding in 2001, we have built a reputation for supporting the flow of specialist insight, knowledge, and information into the region from the outside, and from within the region to partners as far as Washington D.C. and Tokyo. Our deepening reach among senior officials and decision-makers inside the Middle East has allowed us to grow in capacity and presence, delivering bespoke advisory services across a spectrum of specialist areas.

We advise clients in government and industry on political and security risks, security policy and capability development, and strategic communication. We also offer bespoke war-gaming and red-teaming services, and are an experienced organizer of high level conferences, closed, Track-2, and expert roundtable meetings. Our guarded independence from partisanship has allowed us to establish credibility of the highest order among clients in search of original, accurate, and balanced perspectives to support planning activities and decision-making.

We also advise on business growth and development strategies in Middle East defense, aerospace, and homeland security markets. We apply the combined power of our network, knowledge of market dynamics, and awareness of the business environment and its decision-making processes to ensure that business strategy is properly aligned to meeting performance targets and strategic positioning. We are proud to serve a client portfolio including Fortune 500 companies, those listed on the London, New York, and Tokyo Stock Exchanges, and SMEs from within the region as well as Europe and the United States.

To view our corporate video please click on the below link:

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