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Leadership & Management

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Rasha Kayyal

Senior Event Manager

Rasha started her career with INEGMA in 2004 in the Dubai office as an Event Manager and later filled in the position of a Project Manager leading the launching of the Security Middle East Show while helping setup INEGMA’s office in Lebanon in 2009.

Rasha’s outstanding reputation while working at INEGMA between 2004 and 2007 led her to take lead positions in the Ministry of Foreign affairs in the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences in 2007 and later paved the way for her re-joining SEGMA/INEGMA in 2017.

Rasha’s can-do-attitude, commitment and eagerness to achieve results and exceed expectations helped her establish her reputation as a leader who can drive seamless events execution, with remarkable attention to details.

Rasha is a first-class professional event manager. To date, she has accumulated 14 years in organizing high profile events in the private and public sectors. Throughout her career, Rasha worked on a wide range of successful events in military and security conferences and exhibitions, political summits, economic and financial and international forums such as the 28th Session of the Supreme Council of the GCC, US Islamic World Forum, The Second Forum on Democracy and Political Reform in the Arab World, Dubai International Air Chief’s Conference and Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference to name a few.

Rasha has a Bachelor degree in Public Administration and a minor in Political Science from the American University of Beirut. With her dedication to keep advancing and growing, Rasha is currently working on her Certificate in International Affairs in Security from the Bush School of Government, Texas A & M University. She also attained an Advanced Achievement Leadership Certificate from the Bell Leadership Institute in 2008.


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