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Cherif Balhawan

Cherif Balhawan

Translator Reporter

Cherif Balhawan, Lebanese, was born on January 18th, 1942 in Beirut- Lebanon and is the holder of Lebanese and French Baccalaureate 2nd Level Plus 3 years special Intensive Course in Translation & Interpretation in English, French & Arabic. (Universite Saint Joseph)

Balhawan began work at INEGMA in the capacity of Translator Reporter beginning April 1st, 2009. He worked previously at Dar El Sayad as a translator and reporter with four monthly columns as well as weekly reportages in al-Computer magazine and al-Sayad Magazine and al–Anwar Newspaper, etc. Balhawan also served as Chief of the Translation Section at al-Bakri Saudi Lebanese Company editors of the Arabia Web Index. He also served as Translator at Dar Al Nahas. Balhawan also translated “Game Pro Magazine” (Malaeb al Computer) and was a Commercial Agent between Lebanon – Europe and the Gulf Countries. He use to work with FP2 Finance as Commercial Manager in Lille, France.

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