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Rasha Jammal

Rasha Jammal

Senior Events Manager

Rasha Jammal joined INEGMA in October 2011; Rasha holds a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut and an MA in International Affairs from the Lebanese American University (Honors).

Prior to joining INEGMA, Rasha worked as a project coordinator and legal researcher with a regional NGO in Beirut. In her role, she focused on implementing projects related to judiciary training in Yemen and Iraq. Rasha also has three years experience with the United Nations Development Programme as a Programme Associate, where she handled projects related to promoting governance and rule of law in various Arab countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq and Yemen. Rasha also acquires research, analysis and drafting skills in areas related to rule of law and development in Arab countries, judicial reform in post-conflict countries, as well as trafficking in persons and globalization.

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