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Nihal Al-Sayah

Nihal Al-Sayah

PR and Marketing Manager

Nihal Al-Sayah joined INEGMA in September 2012 and is responsible for INEGMA's communications, branding and promotion. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University of Beirut in 2009. Nihal’s undergraduate work focused on marketing research, consumer research, business communication and sales management. In 2009, she joined FXCM in Beirut, Lebanon. At FXCM, Nihal was an FX sales associate where she developed skills in forex sales and forex market analysis. She worked as a key link between the company and its clients by building strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In 2011 Nihal relocated to Dubai where she led FXCM Dubai's office. She was in charge of putting together financial programs that respond to high net-worth clients.

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