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Eamonn Gearon

Eamonn Gearon

Eamonn Gearon joined INEGMA in 2012. He is a regular contributor to – among others – Jane’s (Sentinel, JIAA, JFR and JDW), for whom he covers tri-service military affairs in North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Gearon has worked, since the 1990s, as an analyst of al-Qaeda and other Islamist-inspired terrorist organisations. Both in his study of Middle Eastern history and as an observer of the region in the contemporary setting, Gearon’s work draws out the common ties between the East and West. As a cultural interpreter, Gearon advises private business, government officials and the military establishment on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Middle East.

Gearon has been living and working in the Greater Middle East for the majority of his professional life. He obtained his BTh from the University of Southampton and an MA in Arabic and Middle East Studies from SOAS (University of London). In 2012, he became an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins (SAIS), Washington, DC. Gearon’s latest book “The Sahara: A Cultural History” (OUP (USA) & Signal (UK)) has been described as a “unique and long overdue” contribution to understanding the region.

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